the first… maybe

I’ve had blogs in the past: an attempt at the whole beauty blog thing, a personal diary , and just a simple fan blog. I am an eighteen y/o queer kid it’s expected that I have a tumblr fan blog – I need a place to vent all this lady love so that it doesn’t consume me. Anyhow, none of them have ever been truly fulfilling. I’m hoping that this one will be. I’ve always valued writing. When I was in school I took all of the classes in which you could write, both creatively and factually. When I felt down, I would try to create some sort of metaphor which would represent my teenage angst in a somewhat appealing manner. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Since I left school in May 2016, I haven’t really been able to write. Unless I was given something to write about from work. Those infographics I had to write were perfect. I got to research things that I found interesting and they were good! Mostly.

I miss writing those infographics so I thought I would create this – a way to ramble about things I don’t really know about. Like film, music, and pretty much everything.

Here’s to many more! Hopefully…

– emmy


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