Okay So I’ve Been Lazy

I fucked up and haven’t written in a while. Whoops. Okay so over the past few weeks here are the things I’ve been liking, enjoying, been to see – all that bullshit.

My Favorite Murder Podcast

I never realised how much I love true crime until I started listening to this podcast. Karen and Georgia are some cool ass American ladies with really lovely voices and who fucking. Love. Murder. It’s not a podcast for the faint hearted – the most brutal of sexual assaults are mentioned at least once an episode and a lot of the best murders are the ones with children (cough Jasmine Richardson cough Jon-Benet Ramsey cough). Don’t listen around kids, and you probably shouldn’t listen to it at work like I do…

My favourite murder they have mentioned so far is the killer names Richard Chase. This fucker was doomed. Had two out of the three childhood signs (firestarting, he killed animals, and he was also abused by his father) but this fucker thought his blood had turned to powder. I say no more, listen to the episode here.


Oh and if Karen and Georgia ever bring the ‘We Didn’t Know This Would Be A Thing’ tour to Edinburgh, I’ll be there in a heartbeat.


Go see this goddamn beautiful film. It’s understated, it’s emotional, it is based in fact – all lovely things! This film is based on the Loving family, a mixed race family in 1960s Virginia. They married in Washington and returned to their home in Virginia where they were soon woken in the middle of the night and arrested. The film follows roughly 10 years of their marriage, leading to the Supreme Court passage of the Loving v. Virginia law – the law that legalised inter-racial marriage. Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga as Richard and Mildred Loving were absolutely incredible. I read that even the Lovings’ last living child visited the set and was shocked to see how similar their energies were to her parents’. That makes me happy. Really, please see this film.

The Lego Batman Movie

This movie is one I find hard to ‘review’ because it’s so fucking fun. There were points I was like ‘Okay cool it’ but I came out of the cinema with laugh creases in my makeup and a wish to see this movie again. It’s fun, it’s silly, it takes the piss out of itself and it’s unnecessarily broody predecessors. If you’re a Batman fan, I think you’ll love this movie, if you’re not, you’ll probably still love it. British robots, the Eye of Sauron, Voldemort and the likes make it just as good a reason to see it too.


I just came back from seeing this at Cineworld. I didn’t know that guy from Supergirl could sing that fuckin well! Overall this was okay. Not something I would rave about or be desperate to see live. I wouldn’t turn down a free ticket but I wouldn’t pay more that £20/£30 to see. The dancers were incredible though, it made me wish I stuck to dancing and musical theatre and shite.

My Tattoo

Anyone who knows me knows that for years, I’ve wanted a tattoo. Multiple tattoos. Huge ones. Well yesterday, 18/02/2017, I got my first one. My little puzzle piece for my sister, my dad, to remind me to take the pieces and build them skyward. Next, I think I’ll get something for my dear mum. I was going to get a giraffe but I’ll speak to her about what she would want me to get. I also asked Louise to pick a tattoo for me and I hope she remembered… if not oh well. Huge thank you to Beth at Rock’N’Roll for tattooing me for the first time. I knew her from Lush and it was cool to support an apprentice. Go do that, she’s great.

Okay bye.


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