A Double Review

I saw Hidden Figures last week and I am just home from seeing Get Out. I’ll try to sum up my thoughts on two films I really, really loved.

Let’s start with Hidden Figures.

First off this film made me so happy – because it involved many of my favourite things: feminism, social history, good music, beautiful costume design, and some fuckin’ brilliant acting. Honestly, the movie made me wish that I was comfortable and confident in classic vintage pieces.

Hidden Figures is an incredible film. It really shows the big things that affected black women in the 60s but also it focused on the little things. The coffee pot, the mug, a nod of thanks. The fact that all three of these incredible were were repeatedly underestimated is astounding. The music here was great too. I’m usually not the biggest fan of Pharrell but having the consistent voice throughout to the film was a really nice touch which i reacted really well to. To finish this review, all I’ll say is that Taraji P. Henson and Janelle Monáe can fuck me up anytime they choose.

Okay so, Get Out.

This goddamn movie – it was incredible. Jordan Peele has a lot to live up to after his first debut film. It kept me thinking at all times, I was never relaxed from the film’s opening scene and isn’t that what a thrilling/horror film should do?

The first thing I took away from Get Out other than it’s story was the way it incorporated music. Starting with Run, Rabbit, Run in a horror film is insanely creepy but then following that creepy-as-fuck song with Redbone will instantly get you a check in my book.

I’m not a fan of horror films as I have a very active imagination but I’m in love with the ideas that spur horror movie plots. The plot of this film was the perfect balance of easy to follow and detailed and very complex. I was able to discuss certain symbols after I left the screening and what they could represent in the film which is something that happens as often as I like. After seeing Get Out, I wanted to start conversations and understand the impact that it could have in the film industry, for black actors, and I really wanted to know if there were cults like this – “The Family” was a nice touch. As someone who has gotten really into true crime recently, I loved that nod and when Rod (an incredible comedic actor, one of my personal highlights of the film) spoke about Dahmer, I got really excited. Which is something I probably shouldn’t admit to… Speaking of actors, Daniel Kaluuya is one incredible actor. His accent was impeccable, he was so understated in his reactions which made them all the more intense. Really, an Oscar worthy film in my opinion which is indeed uninformed. See, that blog title is relevant!

Two boss films, two great things for cinema. To many more like this!


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