baby driver

Edgar Wright did it again. He made another incredible film and while I can recognise it’s brilliance it really fucked up my heart, body and soul. I was both shaken and stirred, and I think I enjoyed it?

To explain the above, sometime over the last 2 years I have become afraid of vehicles. I’m always terrified that whenever I am in one, something bad is going to happen; someone is going to crash into the car I’m travelling in, the bus will round a corner too quickly and then fall over and glass plunges where it shouldn’t (i.e. my flesh), or we breakdown and somehow die in the process. Granted, the number of times other drivers haven’t looked and have almost smashed into the passenger side of the car where I am sitting is pretty astounding. You’d think people would know not to do that.

Anyway, onto the movie. As I was affected in a way I wasn’t able to pick out as many notes as I did for Wonder Woman so this review will be shorter.

Firstly, this soundtrack is incredible. There were many songs which I didn’t recognise but I really loved it. If you feature anything with T-Rex on it, I will instantly adore it. Especially in this case as Debora is one of my favourite T-Rex songs and maybe one of my favourite songs off all time. The theme of putting older music on modern films after the success of Guardians is something I won’t complain about but I’m nervous that it’s going to get tired, like 15 ratings on superhero movies are.

The cinematography is beautiful and this movie is brilliantly shot. Possibly my favourite sequence in the whole film is after the opening heist when Baby is going to get coffee and the lyrics are all over the city. It was something so obvious but could be overlooked pretty easily at the same time. Of course this film was going to be beautiful, it’s Edgar fucking Wright. The script was brilliant, hilarious despite not being a comedy, effective, and just good. It was a really original script which is really refreshing in this world of connected universes and trilogies. I loved the TV flipping scenes, just because I love me a reference, and I’m curious as to whether or not the gold Mom tape was an ode to or inspired by Pulp Fiction?

Joe was my favourite character. His relationship with Baby was so touching and felt so real, the way his story ended in this film really hit me. I cried. Debora was okay, very much a MPDG. There isn’t much else you can say really. Lily James did the best with what she had. I liked Darling. The rest of the goons were pretty one note but out of all of them I liked Buddy the most. He had slightly more depth than the others did, I think. Wasn’t fond of Bats, he made me really uncomfortable but I did like the scene in the diner when he read the others’ backstory. Even Kevin Spacey was interesting, despite him being a creepy git in real life.

I enjoyed the beginning of this film than the end of it. I liked Baby more in the beginning than at the end. I understand why Baby did what he did but it was a jolt to see him become this violent character. I didn’t really see that character development coming. I don’t understand on a character level why Debora would have stayed with a goddamn  murderer and would have waited for him for 5 years. Lets be real, in the real world he would have gotten out much earlier thanks to good behaviour and whiteness.

Okay, some quick thoughts about this brilliant movie. I need to see it again to fully appreciate it which I’m pretty sure I will.


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