Spider-Man: Homecoming

I was worried for this movie. As much as I loved seeing Tom Holland’s Spidey in Civil War, I was worried this his own film wouldn’t hold up and he would be too much like the iterations before him. I was proven wrong. Very wrong.

Buckle in, this will be a long one and full of spoilers.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is everything Peter Parker should be and everything he was meant to be. It’s funny, it’s cheesy, it’s representative, and most importantly, it’s full of heart. I never knew comic-book Peter because I’ve never read a Spiderman comic but from what I know, this is what he should be. From this film, I understand why he is basically the most popular Marvel character now because I connected with this version of Peter unlike any other shown on screen. He is every young kid who has ever felt like an outsider. He’s the kid who is bullied but understands who he is. He’s the kid who’s smart but doesn’t really know what to do with it. He’s a dork. He’s a geek. He’s awkward as fuck. He reminds me of me a little bit.

The balance between Peter and Spidey was perfect and Tom Holland played him impeccably. His naivety shone through but what shone more was the ache to be taken seriously, something every teenager/young adult can appreciate. God knows I can. They also seemed like the same person; with previous incarnations of the Webhead, they always seemed like two different people. There was Spiderman and there was Peter. Not this one; Tom Holland was able to show that while the suit gives him some confidence (like Ned’s hat), he doesn’t change when he is in it. His accent was great too, I only heard a few slip ups which is saying something.

I thought the pacing of this film was one of it’s best points. It had fights and action throughout, Spider-Man was just as present as Peter and you were able to understand what lead to the bigger fight towards the end. I don’t even know if you could class the last fight as the biggest, the Staten-Island Ferry fight was pretty big too in terms of what it did for the character.

The suit was fucking brilliant. I loved Karen, despite her obsession with the instant kill feature. The bit when we saw that she recorded everything he did, which originally made me nervous, instead made me laugh quite a bit. Peter is a real goofy kid, man. Karen just inserted another fun element to this already great movie! I wonder if Tony has reinstalled the tracker and took Karen away when he gave the suit back to Peter…

Let’s talk about Peter alone for a second. Being in a science focused school was pretty great as it made more sense to me. For kids so smart that they’re able to reprogram a Stark-tech suit, deconstruct a man-made weapon with alien tech and mention that thats “what I use to charge my toothbrush”, and to create impossibly strong webbing that holds a Staten-Island Ferry together (for a bit)? Yeah it makes total sense for him to be in a gifted school. I was watching an interview with Tom Holland the other day in which he mentioned that he went ‘undercover’ in the Bronx School of Science, so I wonder if that’s the school he goes to.

I really loved how awkward Peter was. The scene where he asks Liz to the Homecoming dance was especially sweet and a really genuine interaction. I really liked Liz too, she was a great character who I would have liked to have seen more of. Peter was a bit of a dick when he just left her hanging at the dance though. I get that there were more pressing things at hand but after a whole movie of him trying to impress her, I was disappointed that they never got that moment.

Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson was great casting but for once, Revolori looked slightly too old. Despite his perpetual baby face and the two being the same age, Tony Revolori looked much older than Tom Holland and basically everyone else in that high school for that matter. I laughed a lot at the bit when Spidey saves everyone from the lift and all Flash is concerned with is if he knows Peter Parker. Kind of just summed up the character.

NED! Ned was the perfect comic relief for this film, he made me laugh throughout the whole movie. The guy in the chair! Also reminded me of Wade from Kim Possible. I enjoyed that the only reference to the bite was from Ned, although because I can’t help myself, I’d like to see something more about the bite. Maybe he’ll explain it to May?

Speaking of May, Marisa Tomei can fuck me up any day of the week. She was wonderful as Aunt May, really funny, and really gave the Aunt vibe. Previously she’s always been a bit too much like Peter’s granny or his mum. I really got the fact that she is his aunt in this film. Her costumes were incredible too, I loved it a lot. When she found out at the end of the movie, I very nearly guffawed with joy.

Tony. It was really nice to see this side of him, the fatherly side. It almost made Tony seem more human and less like a character. Every scene when Peter tried to prove himself and it didn’t really work, it gave Tony a little more room to be a father figure, which made me really happy. I almost cried at the scene where he actually showed up in the Iron Man suit to take the suit away from Peter. It was such a genuine interaction, I almost cried. As was the scene when Peter saw the Upstate facility for the first time. I was smiling like a goddamn fool.

This very much is a teen movie about being a superhero. There were wanking jokes, house parties, crushes, jerks, and building Lego – everything a teen movie should have. It was representative of today’s schools too and of Queens in general (at least I would assume so, I’ve never been to Queens). Even if there wasn’t a clip from Ferris Bueller, the Hughes influence on this film was ever present. It had the right amount of cringe, especially because if there was too much I would not have liked this movie.

Okay quick-fire: MJ??? I love Zendaya in this role, she reminded me of me as well. I’m looking forward to seeing more from her in future movies. I loved Peter’s notes, they kind of reminded me of Deadpool’s crayon drawings. I’m really happy Happy isn’t off the payroll cause it had been a while since we saw him. The Vulture was a great villain, I’m glad he protected Peter when in the prison. I really loved the end of credits scene! THAT IRON SPIDER SUIT THO!

I just really adored this film, okay. It had so much packed in! I’m seeing the movie again on Monday and I’ll probably find more stuff I love. This ‘review’ could be much longer but I can’t really write much else about it, I’ll just start to write the same things over and over again. Even more than I already have. Yep, that IS possible.


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