American Gods Made Me Want to Believe

This goddamn TV series is to incredibly great that I just can’t quite comprehend it. It’s just beautiful.

If you don’t like slow-motion in TV or a movie, then you may have a problem with American Gods. It may slightly overuse it but it’s there for a reason most of the time. I wasn’t watching it being like “shit there’s too much slow-mo in this”, it was more like “oh there’s quite a bit of slow-mo isn’t there”.

This blog-post isn’t intended to be a review, but more of a discussion about the thoughts it raised within me as a human with thoughts. That’s right, ya girl has thoughts!

The main thing I thought of while watching this series was firstly confused – I don’t really pay attention when I watch TV so it took me far too fucking long to understand who Wednesday was and it was after looking at the iMDB page that I realised that Gillian Anderson (pause for gay) played the role of Media. Yup, I’m that thick folks.

But the main thing that I thought throughout this series was that I wish I was religious. I wish I believed in something, y’know. I’m too cynical and arrogant in a way to follow a religion. I’m jealous of the people who can do that. Religion is such a fascinating thing to me because I don’t quite understand it. I can understand religion when science wasn’t quite as developed but I have trouble understanding it today. I also wish the old religions were still ‘around’ today. I wish that more people would study the Ancient Greek gods and what we call myths today, believe in Odin the All-father, go to temples for the ancient religions. These religions are so interesting and the way they impacted the peoples of it’s time. It’s so cool! Religion, when followed as it should without violence etc, is a beautiful thing. I could get into it but it’ll be truly uninformed and I’ll most likely get things wrong.


Either way, fuckin’ watch American Gods. It’s beautiful and brutal and really pushes you to think about how religion impacts you. It doesn’t have to be that deep but it can if you’re into that kind of thing.



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