I’m Still Excited from ComicCon

I get that this post is pretty damn late (considering that ComicCon was ages ago) but I’m still writing about it anyway. That’s the way this stuff works right? The September Empire issue has the huge ComicCon feature so we’re going to do the same. I also borrowed some of their photos. I love Empire.

ComicCon is always an exciting time for the nerd-inclined, it’s one of the only times of year that being a hardcore fan makes you a popular kid. I say this as if I have been but sadly I have not. I am a small Scottish 18-year-old who does not have the funds to go to San Diego. I’d really love to but also, ya girl hasn’t read any comics. I want to start but I’m not too sure where to start. I want to read Silk, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, Wonder Woman and a few more but those are the main ones. Even though comics aren’t often at the forefront of Comic Con anymore, I feel like I should be reading comics before I go. It would feel like cheating if I didn’t.

Anyways, there were a few announcements that got be incredibly excited. These be them below:

Thor: Ragnarok

Thinking about how excited I am for this film honestly hurts my chest. Seeing Thor being fun and not just (have fun with this Scottish word) a dour bugger is such a lovely thing to see! Plus Chris Hemsworth is a pretty funny guy, as seen in 2016 Ghostbusters which a lot of people claim is blasphemous, so it’ll be really great for people to see that side of him in Thor. Speaking of the title character, that bit at the end of the trailer FUCKED ME UP. I always love when heroes fully embrace who/what they are, like in Wonder Woman, during the fight with Ares. Seeing those fights in iMAX will be insane!
I can’t really believe that Banner has been in Hulk mode for 2 years, which means that Age of Ultron was 2 years ago… I really don’t understand the whole MCU timeline, I should brush up on it but it will take a week or something. Anyway, seeing Hulk speak to Thor with that suave haircut is pretty lovely. That’s a side of the Hulk from the comics that we hadn’t yet seen in any of the Hulk films across the years. I like that Thor is getting a mate in the Avengers, he always seemed kind of stuck on to established friendships and relationships.
Cate being slightly terrifying and magnificently attractive is always a fun time. Who knew I would find the Goddess of Death so attractive? Well let’s be honest, everyone did. I have a thing for surly, kind of mean women who wear a lot of black. The bit in the trailer when Hela breaks Mjölnir also broke me plus it showed that this Goddess is no joke. I’m glad she isn’t putting on a weird voice to equal her fellow Australian’s and it’s weirdly a northern English accent. Is all of Hell filled with northerners? I watched Sam Bashor break down the trailer on New Rockstars and I completely agree with him on the fact that she just chucks out too many knives! Too. Many.

Please throw me against a wall and call me whatever you want.

Sequels and New Seasons

As much as I already knew, the news that Wonder Woman was getting a sequel filled me with such delight! I’m so happy that my love, my Diana is getting a sequel!! Films led by women sell in the superhero genre people, so when am I getting my period-set Red Room film? I really need it.
Similarly, Wynonna Earp got a season 3! I started watching this the weekend of ComicCon at the behest of a good friend and I became lightly obsessed with it in the space of two days. Started season one on Saturday night and was up to date with season two on Sunday afternoon. It’s a great show with a really respectful queer romance between two ladies and I love everything about it. The show is cheesy and silly but its everything I love in TV shows. Oh and it has demons in. Ain’t that fun! I’m still to catch up on the last few episodes of W.E. but I’m really glad that it got a season 3. Because my gay heart can’t take it, can we talk about that cheerleading scene? And the lounge singer one? Oh Dom has definitely got me…

Infinity War

I really want to see the trailer for myself but I’m also really terrified to see it. What if I think none of these characters fit together? What if none of them get along and everyone is upset? What if Groot doesn’t like the way that Tony and Banner look at him? What’s going to happen then?! AS you can see I’m very scared for this film and the repercussions it will have within this world. Everything has lead up to this moment. What if it’s shit?
I don’t think that will be the case with the Russos at the helm and a tight grip from Kevin Feige behind them. Hearing what happens in this trailer, it’s going to be everything related to the word epic. Plus the photos that emerged from this panel were incredible. Please get John Boyega involved somehow? Get him in every single huge Disney franchise? That would be lovely and I am fully on board. Lastly, I fully want this poster plastered on every wall I ever see.

It’s like a fucking renaissance painting with superheroes and it fucks me up.


Captain Marvel

I’m very intrigued about this film, I have every hope that it’s going to be incredible but I’m scared to get my hopes up. After seeing the concept art and reading a little bit about the character in general, my excitement peaked a little bit more. I don’t know a lot about Carol Danvers so I’m not quite as enthusiastic about it as I am with Thor: Ragnarok as I already have an idea of who that character is. I have every hope in the world that this movie will be spectacular especially as they’re fighting the Skrulls and Fury will be in it with BOTH EYES. It’ll be great, I hope.

Black Panther

Finally, more stuff about this film! I love everything I’ve seen about Black Panther, from casting to costume design. I love all of the details on T’Challa’s new suit as it brings home that he is King of an esteemed African nation, as I noticed some of the design is similar to patterns often seen on wax prints. Can we talk about that family portrait by Entertainment Weekly for a second please? Just… holy shit, I’m looking forward to 2018.

Ugh, look at how royal, beautiful and menacing they are.


Kingsman may be one of my favourite sit-down-and-ignore-the-world films so it’s safe to say that I will be the first in that cinema on September 29th. I watched the trailer almost as soon as it came out and it had me screaming inside my own body on a bus. Julianne Moore, please just fuck me up you beautiful woman with extraordinary acting abilities, as can Sophie Cookson. It looks like its going to be just as campy, stupid and blood-soaked as the first one and quite frankly, I want to rub my balls all up in it.

Justice League

I am, like every comic book movie fan, wary of the DCEU. I think that Wonder Woman was an exception to the disappointing rule, which might be because there wasn’t a lot of input from the Snyders. I’m one of those people who go into a movie to enjoy it for whatever it throws at me but I have never been more disappointed with a film than I was with BvS. If Patty Jenkins and other directors who don’t want to make everything ‘gritty’ could make the DCEU films, then it would make the world of difference. I think, I really don’t know, I don’t know a lot about films.
Anyway, the Justice League ComicCon trailer was great! Diana’s parts really, really fucked me up because I am in love with her and I think the two highlights from this movie will be Jason Mamoa and Ezra Miller. Both had great gags in the trailer so I hope that that will carry over to the movie, and there isn’t a Suicide Squad situation. Ya boi is very wary for this film but staying optimistic.


This post is incredibly over due and mostly about my being excited about things. But hey, this is my blog and I don’t care damnit!

Well technically it’s our blog but y’know what I mean.


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