Welcome to the world of Uninformed Thoughts!

Uninformed Thoughts Podcast is hosted by Emmy, Nods, Lou and Ramage; four friends who decided one night over Facebook Messenger that they wanted to start a podcast, and that hopefully something good would come from the endeavour. Even if it didn’t, we would have the chance to regularly meet up and catch up which is always a plus.

We want to make a podcast that we would listen to. We want it to be funny, we want it to be queer, we want to be able to discuss anything and everything, and possibly help others get through an hour on the bus. Luckily, we do (most of) those things on a regular basis – at least we think we do. This is a completely amateur production so it might get a little rocky from time to time but if you stick with us we’re sure things will even out!

Uninformed Thoughts Blog was started by Emmy in the beginning of 2017 as she wanted a place to write about movies, TV and basically anything she fancied. When the idea of the podcast came about, it was easy enough to transform that one page blog into a home base for all four hosts to write what they fancied too. Here you will find the ramblings, the reviews, the poetry and whatever else the hosts have too many feelings about in written form. We hope you enjoy!

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